Joe Schweitzer, MBA, US Navy

Joe S.
Joe Schweiter brings a unique skill and experience credential set to his work with Mastery Technologies. As a Division I athlete and team captain, Marine Corps officer serving as a Naval Flight Officer and a froward air controller, as well as a manager of a growing small business, Joe has developed an epxertise to identify an organization’s defining moments and prepare it to “win” in the next one. These moments often happen only once and are points of no return that determine winning or losing, doing it right or doing it wrong, and ultimately succeeding or failing. Joe’s passion is to prepare leaders and their teams for these moments so they can thrive in them and harness their power.

Who Is Joe Schweitzer?

After serving as a military officer for 10 years, Joe has spent the last 16 years on an odyssey to study the human condition, embracing his second chance of life as an aviation mishap survivor. His efforts focus on leadership resilience, team and organizational dynamics, analyzing and improving the leader’s ability to behave and influence to the core values. This includes the art of the regroup, building the team’s “Alamo” to thrive in crisis, and strengthening the “Circle of WILL”.

A graduate of the US Naval Academy and George Washington University with an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Development, Joe brings a very unique perspective as a seasoned leader teaching peak performance athletes, C-suite executives and their teams as well as current midshipmen and former military officers through an ongoing seminar at the US Naval Academy’s Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership.  Joe offers a number of compelling keynote events and corporate seminars for teams and organizations as well as executive coaching for those leaders committed to a peak performance approach influenced by the nexus of his warrior and survivor experiences.