Dr. Carol Dillard

Carol Dillard_3

Dr. Dillard specializes in working with complex team issues and large scale systemic change in organizations committed to growth.  An expert in systems theory applied to organizations, she is called on frequently as the executive coach of choice when aligning human capital alongside execution and results is an imperative.  Due to her clinical psychology and family system dynamics roots, she rapidly assesses strengths that can be leveraged on the executive teams she works with and is artful at addressing resistance that can undermine important change efforts.

Dr. Dillard has been very successful at applied human performance, teaching it at the university level, but importantly for Mastery Technologies, in translating theory to transformational action in the form of strategic and structural interventions that are often requested by our executive clients, their teams and organizations we serve.  She is particularly effective with female executives who are committed to integrating life and work demands while finding their own unique voice as leaders.