Executive Succession & Planning

Today’s competitive global landscape is nothing short of a battleground for executive talent, and selecting the right team to help you win the war can make or break your business. According to multiple studies, 40-50% of newly hired executives fail within the first 18 months of employment. The cost and turmoil caused by that failure rate is unacceptable and avoidable if you understand how to evaluate executive talent. An executive’s failure to integrate into an organization is nearly always a case of failing to assess the proper alignment between their talent profile (motivation, EQ, personality traits, and cultural orientation) and the organizational-fit (requirements of the position and organization).

The Mastery Technologies team has unparalleled applied business expertise in finding, selecting, developing — and differentiating top talent. Whether it is the Special Operations officer who had to excel under fire, the senior executive making the final call, or the organizational psychologist conducting C-suite evaluations, our team executes — and we bring that acumen to your organization to ensure you get it right, too.

We help organizations develop and sustain complex talent management systems that maximize their talent pipeline and accelerate growth through:

• Building comprehensive dynamic succession plans

• Scientifically assessing current talent levels in the organization

• Attracting and selecting new employees with the right talent profile to match the organizational fit based on current and future needs

• Creating strategies to provide breakthrough experiences and ongoing development, engagement, and performance management for current and high-potential leaders