Strategic Transformation


The world continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, and that means organizations must adapt more quickly than ever before. However, the majority of organizational change initiatives fail. In fact, most never take impact anything outside of the boardroom.


At Mastery Technologies, we have dedicated our lives to understanding why a individual, team or organizational change initiative succeeds or fails. If you have come to us, you’re already aware that there is a gap between where your organization is and where it needs to be in order to thrive.

We will partner with you to insure that you can express the core feelings and beliefs that are emanating from the limbic (paleomammalian) components of your brain that have no capacity for language. We will then leverage your purpose and use our mastery approach to drive The Will to Change within organizations. This approach employs three major drivers: pain, pleasure and belief.


Once these steps are complete, we will guide your team through a change management and transformation methodology that enables the organization to holistically transform as well as overcome any individual friction points.

Your organization’s transformation will be focused on concentric rings beginning with core identity and moving outward to performance indicators.

First, we will partner with your teams to express the culture that they use to define themselves:

• Their Purpose as indicated by the blue print that defines their rules and beliefs

• The Defining Moments that have conditioned their identity

• The Pivotal People inside and outside of the organization who influence the team’s perception of self

• The Critical Decisions that have defined the current state of the organization, as well as those that must be taken to empower change

Once we have defined the organization’s identity, we will focus on the key performance drivers:

• What are the leadership skills and competencies that must be learned to affect the new desired identity?

• What personality does the organization need to enable its aspirational goals?

• What knowledge and experiences will provide the context for the organization to be able to proactively anticipate changes and respond rather than react?

• What Cognitive Processing (IQ) requirements does the organization need?

• What are the Social and Emotional (EQ) attributes must the team possess?

Our ultimate objective is to work ourselves out of a job by empowering your organization to continuously grow and expand using our combat and business proven methodology. We will personally provide the inspiration to help your organization close any gaps in awareness, purpose or will to change until each person and team within the organization has gained the skills required to surpass their Crucible and break through to achieve a new level of success.