For the Disney Companies MT implemented our Creating Unstoppable Teams: Breakthrough Execution series working collaboratively with Disney's HR team.  Our mission was to work with highly talented individual groups and to coach them in a way that would allow them to perform as a high-achieving, cohesive team.  MT is now partnering with select senior executive teams using our Team & Leadership Development solutions.
For the Miami Dolphins Organization we applied our Leading Unbeatable Teams program for a combined group that included veteran players and coaching staff to focus on leadership, team alignment, and organizational culture change.  MT also developed a rookie team development program that has been adopted for future on-boarding of new Miami Dolphin football players.  We are now providing executive coaching for Dolphin leadership and we are designing a Peak Performance Center to bring sports psychology and peak performance coaching to the organization. [See media center for stories about MT's work with the Miami Dolphins]

The MT team of the SEAL & Shrink has surpassed our expectations and delivered results beyond what we imagined... Thank you Jay and Curt for your partnership and guidance.  We could not have made the progress we have experienced to date without your steady influence and steady hands

Garry Randall, SVP, Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive HR

The team at Mastery Technologies are exceptional on any dimension.  Their unique personal experiences and phenomenal understanding of the human psyche are a truly powerful combination.  I am privileged to be part of a high performing operational team at AOL that has a highly data -driven culture and an unbelievable work ethic and drive.   The Fierce dialogue and Authentic Encounters process that Curt and Jay brought us through was transformational. We gained a deep and new understanding of ourselves and our team dynamics, and from that how to overcome specific performance limits that we had always assumed to be unsurmountable.  Awesome.

Tim Lemmon, Chief Operating Officer, AOL Brand Group

For the Buffalo Sabres organization MT provided executive coaching to senior leadership and introduced our Leading Under Fire & Building Unstoppable Teams program; presenting it to a cross-section of the entire organization within the framework of their Sabre University program.  MT also provided organizational consultation during a leadership transition within the organization.

For Cancer Treatment Centers of America MT designed a comprehensive executive development system that consisted of an enterprise-wide executive coaching program, a talent-selection, acquisition, and succession program, and introduced its unique Team & Leadership Development program using Fierce Dialogue (TM). The executive development platform has been in use for over eight years at CTCA, and our technologies are currently deployed in every hospital within the organization.
Mastery Technologies gets results - based on several years of partnering with their unique team on some of the most complex, challenging, and rewarding opportunities to inject collaboration, trust, respect and growing success at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, we grew the organization by about 5x with their expertise at our side. In the past seven years, we have expanded their influence across CTCA, and delivered an array of talent building services to our leadership team getting results we have not experienced with any other firms

Steven Bonner, President & CEO Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The team at Mastery Technologies is truly world-class in serving our global enterprise as a strategic business partner that has accelerated our top line growth year over year for a decade (Over 20% annually) — Extraordinary results, to say the least, while leading us to build talent-based organizational cultures of exceptional leaders through their unique approach and methods.  I can say, unequivocally, whether serving as the shareholder group’s Consigliore, our senior executive teams coach, trainers and advisors, board facilitators, or our enterprise-wide leadership development resource, Mastery Technologies is our secret weapon to win in any area we choose to do business. Bravo and keep it coming!

Richard J. Stephenson, Chairman of the Board Stephenson Global Family Enterprise

2014 Winner: YPO Best Personal Development Event – Warrior War (YPO Berlin)

For the Young President’s Organization MT developed and designed a customized, YPO only program called The Warrior Way, piloted in the European YPO chapter.  MT led an international YPO group through our Self & Relationship Mastery curriculum that is now being offered in the United States and globally through respective YPO chapters.

“As a former YPO Education Chair I know that YPO’rs demand take home value when they invest their time and treasure, I can truly say the “Warrior Way” delivers.  “Warrior Way” is a rare experience where literally you can sit down, begin the program, and within minutes find yourself purposefully working towards honest self-perspective and improvement.  Jay and Curt are immediately credible as they share their personal stories and motivations behind the program.  The short pre-meeting assignment is a catalyst for instant engagement in the process the moment the program begins, their simple, honest, and researched approach to self-improvement and effective communication breaks thru the noise, and without judgment guides you thru an evaluation of the alignment of your life with your core values.  For those willing to step into the process the results are what can be a life changing experience for you and everyone you touch.  You will leave with a new perspective on what your possibilities are and tools to immediately improve your life and find true fulfillment."

Kevin McCoy, McCoy Petroleum Corp., President, YPO/WPO

"Thank you for facilitating our Forum retreat by presenting Warrior Way.  It was the most impactful experience that we have been a part of in the last seven years."

Matt Lillie, CEO, Physicians Development Group, LLC

For Pfizer Pharmaceutical, we designed a training system to integrate corporate cultures of various personnel who were being merged following a series of acquisitions and corporate mergers. ET was involved in the design and facilitation of corporate programs focused on interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and self-promotion from a team-based model. ET designed the new curriculum and facilitated implementation of the programs. We also provided executive coaching for senior managers to assist in the integration of the new competencies. These programs, consisting of several distinct seminar courses, are now a standard part of the sales education curriculum sponsored by the University of Pfizer.
For Kaiser Permanente, we piloted a new leadership development program with their senior executives and integrated EQ-based leader competencies with a culture change program. We are currently designing a customized program integrating their leadership values and competencies to serve as a central piece of curriculum in their internal training university for leadership development. MT is also providing executive coaching to their senior management to assist in the implementation of the new curriculum.
For Dollar-Thrifty, Inc., we assisted in the design of their international training center using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) technologies for leader development. MT has customized and now facilitates a multi-tiered training system for all levels of leadership from middle management to senior executive, and our programs are the centerpiece of a companywide employee development and culture change program. Additionally, MT has rolled out an executive coaching program using EQ-based 360 and other assessment instruments and developed a new performance appraisal system that is developmental in focus with emotional intelligence competencies integrated into the evaluation process. We are also conducting a train-the-trainer program to equip internal HR consultants with the skills needed for EQ assessment and coaching in preparation for a companywide rollout.
Your program today was eye-opening… while we execute well on many things your work taught us how we can evolve further by taking our relationship skills to new levels we had not seen before.  Your approach is solid and will enhance the results we seek with our clients.  You understand leaders – thank you for helping us learn to be better!

LTG John B. Vines

I must say you made a believer out of me as I have seen it all as a long-time global executive and was frankly skeptical… Your approach in Warrior Way of having the ‘missing conversation’ along with an elegantly simple but brilliant method for how to master relationships at work and home was transformative for our senior executive team at Pfizer.

Dwight Kelly, COO, Specialty Devision, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

For BNSF Railroad, we provided an EQ training program for all front-line management and a train-the-trainer program that is now a key leadership development course in their corporate university and required development curriculum for all People Leaders companywide.
For Occidental Petroleum Company, we conducted organizational culture assessments to ascertain ongoing professional and personal development needs within several of its core divisions. MT then designed and implemented executive development programs for its Professional Development Series in the areas of communication, interpersonal effectiveness, team development, life-balance and stress management. The program is now a required part of their continuing professional education program.
As a business leader, I found immense value in utilizing Mastery Technologies to partner on strategic global initiatives, building succession plans, managing C-Suite relations, developing high-performance teams, facilitating taboo conversations and providing a framework for business success leveraging our human talent capital.  The experience has been nothing short of spectacular and the results are beyond what we expected.  As an organization we have dramatically accelerated our business trajectory and have been able to minimize potential “derailers”.  I highly recommend the elite team at Mastery Technologies and believe they are an essential part of any organization’s talent acquisition, development, management and empowerment strategy.  In a complex multinational environment such as ours, this has proven to be a key differentiator in the market.

Alan W. Wilson, COO, Rising Tide GmbH, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

I am one of your biggest fans!  When I assumed the chief executive role at KP there wasn’t a team, but as you both so wisely coached us, we were a ‘committee’ of silos… Warrior Way gave us distinctions that changed how we thought about the relationships needed to get the work done, provided us with the coaching and tools to communicate differently than ever before and empowered us to truly evolve as people and leaders in ways we didn’t know or thought possible.  We are delivering results I could not imagine before our work with you and can’t thank you enough for all you do.

Donna Lynne, President & CEO, Kaiser Permanente Corporation

For Williams Energy Corporation, we assisted in the launching of a diversity-based women’s executive forum program designed to promote entrepreneurialism in the workplace. MT designed a core curriculum that consisted of a centerpiece workshop experience that was focused on changing mental models and enhancing interpersonal and business competencies. Our goal was to help the company promote self-advancement and leadership for high potential female employees, and today, a significant percentage of this group is participating in our executive professional coaching programs and are moving into advanced management positions.

For the American Red Cross MT designed an executive coaching program working with top leadership within the organization and provided talent selection and succession consultation for key leadership transitions organization wide.