Dr. Brian Epperson

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Dr. Brian Epperson is a former Special Forces marine who has translated his military leadership and expertise into his role as an organizational psychology expert, strategic transformation consultant and executive coach who works new leaders, senior executives and their teams with a keen interest in helping them navigate critical issues that impact them professionally and personally.  He serves Mastery Technologies in a wide array of important roles that integrate real-world leadership experience and applied academic prowess for our clients globally.

Who Is Dr. Brian Epperson?

As a military leader, Brian was a member of a special team formed after a series of deadly attacks on Americans and mandated by Presidential directive to all branches of the military to enhance their capabilities in the filed of anti-terrorism. The Marine Corps responded to this challenge by forming two Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Teams (FAST) in 1987 where he served as a specialist in an elite Close Quarters Battle Team (one of 8) that served two companies on the East and West Coasts defending Americans from terrorist attacks

In addition to his military service and association with Mastery Technologies, Brian was an accomplished executive serving as VP of talent management in the banking and technology industry where he gained extensive experience in organizational behavior, leadership, executive development and all aspects of high performance talent management.  He has led large-scale organizational change initiatives, reengineering programs in the areas of finance, operations, information technology engineering, human resources and business development.

Brian is also an assistant professor of business and a frequent speaker, panelist, and trainer in the areas of executive coaching, leadership, and organizational change and innovation. Recognizing today’s fast-paced and challenging corporate landscape, he has pioneered a proprietary change and innovation model designed to lead change and innovation initiatives within organizations.  He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma and has conducted post-graduate work in positive psychology, counseling psychology, and human development. Brian and his wife, Monica resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they are raising their daughter, Eden. Together they are heavily involved in operating The Child of Divorce, Inc., a non-profit organization, which Brian and Monica co-founded in an effort to help mitigate the negative effects of divorce on children.